Ecological Civilization Design Will Win

Whoever is best able to prove their capability to steward ecology and community for their citizens will emerge as the leader of the free world in this century. All financial value is a derivative of the natural world. Financial and social health are a function of the health of the natural world.

The two leading candidates for leaders of the free world right now are Bolivia and Ecuador, with the rights of nature and community enshrined Constitutionally along with private property at par. Not surprisingly, the indigenous perspective on property represented by the leadership of these countries is experiencing a global reawakening, along with ideas like collaborative commons, shareability and non-numeric values and currency.

What gives America and the West a chance at leadership is its legacy of opportunity for all and entrepreneurship. Our multicultural heritage and openness remains the world’s most advanced developed country melting pot. To the extent that we pair that with ecological and community stewardship, America will continue to be both beacon and destination.The alternative is too fearsome to contemplate.