Annie Lennox to Narrate Documentary centered around Haitian Artist Frankétienne, 2009 Nobel Prize candidate.


 Annie Lennox to Narrate Documentary centered around

Haitian Artist Frankétienne, 2009 Nobel Prize candidate.

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NEW YORK, N.Y.  The New York based Haitian Cultural Foundation is proud to announce that internationally celebrated recording artist and activist ANNIE LENNOX will serve as principal narrator for the powerful, moving, and inspiring documentary film In the Eye of the Spiral.

The film, now raising money on Indiegogo, features seven of Haiti’s most prominent living artists, among whom 2009 Nobel Prize candidate Frankétienne, and proposes a truly new narrative for Haiti – a long-embattled country steeped in vitality and built in no small part on the courageousness of the creative spirit.

Lennox joins Producer and Director Raynald Leconte, and co-Director and Writer Eve Blouin on the project – itself a work of art that has already garnered significant interest in the media and arts communities.

Jim Luce writes in The Huffington Post, “If the film is only half as brilliant as the trailer, Haitian art will finally find its seat at the international table of culture where it belongs.” Lennox herself insists: “Haiti has been on the receiving end of incalculable suffering for far too long…It is wonderful to connect with these artists, who have so much to offer the world. With dignity, profundity, and clear-sighted visionary power and wisdom, they uphold the cultural/spiritual identity of an incredible country.”

Leconte is bringing key people who are in talks with several networks and distributors and hope to premiere at San Sebastien, Deauville, Toronto, Sundance and Berlin in 2013. Says Blouin: « though we are in Haiti and we’re making this film about Haiti, it’s really a comment about the world. That people of various nationalities are working on the film is part of the message of the film. After all, Haiti is many people…there is a global citizenry .That’s also what we want to show in this film.”

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